About Us

The company CVG STAR CONSULTING SRL was established in 2017, and its main object of activity is “Business and management consulting activities,” especially in the field of health and beauty.

The projects developed and implemented by CVG STAR CONSULTING SRL were both direct with many national and international companies and indirect through advertising agencies and focused on various types of products (general and dermatological drugs, nutritional supplements - for acne, anti-aging, stimulation of collagen synthesis, cosmetic and dermatocosmetic preparations, etc.) and technologies (laser, radiofrequency, IPL, micro-needling, etc.).
Collaborating companies
Among the companies collaborating with CVG STAR CONSULTING SRL are Pharma Brands, Lutronic Medical Systems Germany Gmbh, Bio Minerals NV Belgium, Medic Hub, Tarus Media, Procter and Gamble. The company has also developed programs with medical clinics and companies importing and distributing high-tech equipment (Laser, IPL, Radiofrequency, etc.), dermatocosmetics, filler injections (Hyaluronic Acid), botulinum toxin, mesotherapy, revitalizing preparations, etc.
The basic principle
The basic principle of CVG STAR CONSULTING SRL activity consists of translating into business the principles of evaluation and treatment in medicine. Thus, each project is approached individually and personalized, integrative and holistic, complete and complex, modulated and adapted, sequentially and continuously.
The range of services
The range of services provided by CVG STAR CONSULTING SRL consists of presentations and seminars, workshops and training (including for the sales team), course materials and advertising articles, online and offline courses, coaching and marketing, SWOT analysis and business plan, TV and video shows on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.)
Activity fields
The fields of activity of CVG STAR CONSULTING SRL are represented by consulting on health, beauty, and lifestyle, including analysis of current status (in terms of habits, nutrition, and skincare process) and implementing new healthy habits, and reducing the impact negatively associated with less healthy habits.
The results of the projects carried out with CVG STAR CONSULTING SRL have over 20 years of experience, with participation in numerous national and international congresses and conferences, making over 500 presentations and publishing over 100 scientific articles, developing unique concepts worldwide as well as an active media presence.
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